Green curry paste
  • Green curry paste
  • Exotic Green Curry Paste1.00 pcs
  • Exotic Coconut Milk1.00 tbsp
  • Exotic Fish Sauce1.00 tbsp
  • Cumin Seed0.50 tsp
  • Pepper Corn1.00 tsp
  • Coriander Seed1.00 tsp
  • Lemongrass1.00 stalk
  • Lime Leaves2.00 leaves
  • Garlic5.00 cloves
  • Coriander Root2.00 roots
  • Galangal Root1.00 root
  • Green Chilli (Large)3.00 pcs
  • Bird Eye Chilli8.00 pcs
  • Shallot1.00 shallot
  • Salt1.00 tsp
  • Shrimp Paste1.00 tbsp
  • Oil2.00 tbsp
  • Bell Pepper1.00 pc
  • Chicken Thigh1.00 pc
  • Red Onion0.50 pc
  • Green Peas4.00 pc
  • Sugar 1.00tsp


  • Put the cumin seed, pepper corn ,and coriander seed into
    the pan and heat it.
  • Remove it from the pan after they get brown color.
  • Bring it to the pestle and give it a good crush.
    Bang the lemongrass. Set them aside.
  • Then, toss the lemongrass, few lime leaves, 5 garlic cloves,
    2 coriander roots, galangal root, 3 large green chillies,
    8 bird eyes chillies, shallot, salt (or shrimp paste), and dry spice.
    Mix it all together properly.
  • Put some oil to your pan. After the pan heated up,
    put shallot, green peas, bell pepper into the curry.
  • Then, fry the Exotic green curry paste with some oil.
    Add coconut milk. Put chicken thigh after boiling.
  • Add shallot and Red onion. Leave this to cook for
    about 3 or 4 minutes.
  • Add sugar, fish sauce, and boil it about 2 or 3 minutes. Serve.

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Green curry paste